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  1. Business News App
    Business News App
    App that compiles different business news in one app.
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    Jobs Sites
    Top Alexa Ranked job sites in one app.

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International Business News

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Baking for Beginners

Malaysia Business News

Earn Extra Income

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"...simplify local and global news on hands. Spent less than an hour yet acquired wide news coverage."
N. Akob
" has become my most favorite of all apps. U guys did an awesome job. Thanks a bunch."
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We are a startup company aiming to make a buzz in this world by making simple, useful and beautiful apps. We are part time developers and full time professionals in different fields. We do this out of our passion to create something that people will actually use. We are more motivated with people's appreciation of our work rather than any financial gains. We hope you will find one of our apps useful.​​

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